Decals and Camos

Mar 16, 2018 at 9:27 PM
Decals and Camos
  • Decals and Camouflages

    WIP - Temporary Page
    Note: All the Camos and Decals listed here are a temporary list and may or may not stay for the final version

    ABU - 12 Man PMC Survival with Rifle Modifier and 12 Man Extraction at the end
    Acupat - N/A
    AUC - North America AUC Clan Exclusive
    BDU - 12 Man PMC Survival with Rifle Modifier (Not Eligible with Tier 3 Modifier)
    Beta Tester - Play UAC during the "One Giant Leap Part 2" Celebration
    Blood - Beat any mode above Hard with 0 hits. Not eligible with Survival, PMC Survival, PMC Story and Boss mode
    Breeze - N/A
    Cadpat - N/A
    Chameleon - Beat Nightmare 1 Life
    Cyber - Beat PMC Survival and extract with the Bonus Mission's Data Intel
    Desert - Beat survival with 2-4 players (Not eligible with Tier 3 Modifier)
    Desert Storm - Beat PMC Story's 4 Epilogue Missions, currently unobtainable.
    DND - N/A
    DOOM - DOOM's Exclusive Camo
    Emerald - Win 10 or more PMC Story Modes
    Frost - Beat PMC Story Mode
    Galactic - Beat Solo PMC Survival as a Ghost
    Ghost - Beat PMC Story as a Ghost
    Gold - Play a game with a Developer
    Hellfire - Beat 4 Man Boss Mode
    Icy - Beat Boss Mode
    Inferno - N/A
    Laser - N/A
    Leopard - N/A
    Lightning - Beat Insane Fog, Hard Thunder, and Hard Blizzard
    Marpat - N/A
    Medic - Beat Nightmare + Epilogue as the Combat Medic
    Navy Blue - Beat Insane with 100% Mission Completion
    Night - Beat Nightmare with Rifle Modifier (+ Epilogue?)
    Obsidian - N/A
    OctoCamo - Beat Insane with Rifle and Tier 3 Modifier
    Olive - Play and Save 75 games
    Party - Beat Nightmare Tier 3 with All Random MOS and a Developer
    Pride - North America D4Skin Clan Exclusive
    Rain - Beat Survival with 2,500 kills and have 4 or less hits taken
    Red Steel - Korean AUC Clan Exclusive
    Red Tiger - Beat Nightmare (Epilogue not needed)
    RNJesus - Random Chance for Unlock
    Rock Avalanche - Beat PMC Survival with 2-4 players (Not Eligible with Tier 3 Modifier)
    SAS - Beat Survival with Rifle Modifier
    Scarlet - N/A
    Snow - Beat 12 Man Survival with Tier 1 and 1 Life Modifier
    Snow Rock Avalanche - Beat PMC Survival with 2-4 players and T1 Modifier
    Sparkle - N/A
    Spectre - Beat PMC Story as Spectre
    Urban Snow - Beat Nightmare with 0 Deaths (Epilogue not needed for unlock, 12 people required)
    Woodland - Beat Normal
    Woodland Tiger - Beat Insane
    ZES - North America ZES Clan Exclusive

    - North america AUC Clan exclusive
    Bear Claw - Complete All PMC Story Missions, win 10+ PMC Story games, Win as Spectre and Ghost
    Biohazard - Beat Hard Mode
    Blue Diamond - Beat Survival Mode
    Cavalry Sabers - Beat Nightmare Epilogue as a Cavalry Scout
    Combat Medic - Get 40 Career Revives as a Combat Medic (Can also be proxy unlocked via shock paddles)
    Dare to Win - Beat Hard with Tier 3 Modifier and all players picking Random MOS
    Dark Sky - Beat Insane mode while helping Dark Sky
    Diamond - Beat 10 or more PMC Story modes
    Earth - N/A
    Galatic - Beat Solo PMC Survival as Ghost
    Gold - Beat PMC Story as a Combat Medic
    Green Diamond - Have 100+ Survival Wins
    Huntress - N/A
    Krypton - N/A
    Lionheart - N/A
    Lost Pact - N/A
    Master League - Beat Boss Mode
    Outlaw - Beat Solo Survival with Tier 1 Modifier
    Ranger - Have 50+ PMC Survival Wins
    Rank Insignia - Default Decal
    Ravensword - Beat all 4 PMC Story Prologue Missions
    RedSkull - Complete 30 or more Achievements
    Rock Avalanche - Beat PMC Survival Mode
    Serpent - N/A
    T1 Hunter - Have 50+ Tier 1 Kills in Hard Mode or Above
    Wolves - N/A
    Wood League - Beat Recruit Mode
    ZES - North America ZES Clan exclusive