Dec 28, 2017
  • Achievements

    Achievment Points Requirement
    Dev'N It Up 5 Points Play with a member of the dev team.
    Spechulist 5 Points Die more than 10 times in a game and win.
    Straight Outta Boot Camp 5 Points Complete Training Mode
    Perfect Rescue 10 Points Have all 12 soldiers extract in a Survival game.
    Boss Annihilator 15 Points Complete Boss Mode without Outbreak modifier.
    Mission Complete 15 Points Have all 12 soldiers extract in a PMC Survival game and Rifle Modifier on.
    UAC Fan 10 Points Play 250 games.
    Specialist 20 Points Unlocks 15 or more MOS specific Sis
    Skilled Fan 30 Points Win 250 games.
    No Life 50 Points Play 1,000 games.
    Malfunction 20 Points Defeat Smithy in a PMC Survival game.
    Angel 75 Points Revive people 1,000 times through your career.
    Filthy Casual 5 Ppoints Win 10 Normal games
    Still Pretty Casual 10 Points Win 10 Hard games
    Not Too Shabby 15 Points Win 10 Insane games.
    Veteran 20 Points Win 10 or more Nightmare games.
    Milionaire 75 Points Earn 1,000,000 XP in any Rank Set
    Top Tier 55 Points Reach max Rank in all Rank Sets
    Pin Collector 40 Points Unlock 30 or more camos.
    Survivalist 35 Points Win 100 Survival games.
    Can't Touch This 45 Points Don't take a single hit in a Hard or higher difficulty game. (Shields can take damage)
    Gallantry 35 Points Beat Survival with 2500 kills and less than 5 hits.
    Rock Avalance 40 Points Win 50 PMC Survival games.
    Randomize Me 25 Points Complete Hard with Outbreak modifier and all players using a Random MOS.
    Mission Impossible 20 Points Complete PMC Survival with the bonus mission.
    Monsoon 40 Points Complete Boss Mode with Intense Weather and Ammo Shortage modifiers.
    Thunderstorm 10 Points Complete Hard mode with Intense Weather modifier (Thunderstorm)
    Frost Bite 15 Points Complete Hard mode with Intense Weather modifier (Blizzard)
    Fogged Out 20 Points Complete Insane mode with Intense Weather modifier (Fog)
    Climate Change 30 Points Complete the 3 story mode weather achievements (above)
    Juggerwhat? 25 Points Defeat RA Juggernaught
    Juggerwhat? 2.0 15 Points Complete all 4 PMC Campaign prologue missions.
    Ghost Of The Jungle 20 Points Complete all chapter 1 PMC Campaign missions.
    Tame The Beast 25 Points Complete all chapter 2 PMC Campaign missions.
    Time Stops 30 Points Complete all chapter 3 PMC Campaign missions.
    Run To The Hills 35 Points Complete all PMC Chapter Achievements (above)
    Assassin Of Assassins 45 Points Win 10 PMC Campaign games.
    T1 Hunter 30 Points Get 50 or more Massive Kills in a hard or higher difficulty game.