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    Hello Folks,

    My apologies for not having done this initially, so lets get it out of the way now. The following is the code of conduct for the forums.

    We keep things pretty relaxed here, and most everything is judged on a "common sense" basis, that being said, these are the general rules that should be followed.

    1. Free speech is appreciated, but any speech intentionally threatening others, showing a pattern of repeated harassment or pointless trolling, or in violation of actual law is not welcome. This applies for text, images, video, and all other forms of media.

    And that's it. Short and simple. Moderators and admins are encouraged to use "common sense" when enforcing any of these rules as no list of regulations can encompass everything perfectly.

    If you have an issue with someone else, or with actions taken against you by a moderator, you can always bring up your complaints to another admin/moderator but I expect you all to make good faith efforts to figure things out on your own. Adults try to solve issues by themselves before asking others to do it for them.

    For the sake of clarity, the three people on this forum with final say in any issue involving the community are:

    If you cannot resolve an issue by yourself or with a specific moderator, bring it up to one of these three and the issue will be addressed.

    Thank you,
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    As a side note, be sure to keep your personal relationships and interests outside of the forums as well. This place is chiefly grounds for development, suggestions, criticism, and the sharing of UAC/SC2 related events. Do keep in mind that not everyone who visits the forums are above the age of 18, so lets keep things tasteful.
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