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I have been working day-in and day-out on stuff for UAC since I got brought on to the team as Lead Designer (and technically a couple months before that point, too). While I've gotten an awful lot done and I'm real proud of that, I'm also burnt out and have severely neglected the other projects that I'm a part of. As such, I'm going to be taking an indeterminate amount of time off from UAC.

I'll still post a bit on the forums and I will be back in the future, but until the rest of the team catches up and implements the designs I've outlined, I'm going to focus on other things.
Hello everyone,

I want to thank all of you for the feedback and suggestions on the rework ideas that Kith had posted in December. From your feedback, Kith was able to further analyze the classes and make the recommended changes that were needed.

We will now be moving forward to the rework of the classes, which will also include the core changes for community testing.

Our Lead Developer, Regendare, will be able to embed the rework MOS's into our current game, without having an impact on the original game. This means, that we will have two variations of the core work and new class designs into the same map.

For example, if you choose a rework class, they will use the Rank/Stat Rework instead of the standard Rank Bonuses and Stat system. If you end up choosing a non-rework class, you will retain the current Rank Bonuses and Stat system. Having this set up enables you to test out the impact of both rework and non-work classes with more clarity, and will allow you to provide our development team with more accurate feedback when comparing the two.

As you might have read on the forums, we will no longer be having beta testers, as we feel that it would limit parts of the community from testing these classes. We will be making these changes available for everyone in the community to play.

As mentioned many times, we are all on the same team and part of this journey together, so please continue to provide the development team with your support and feedback. We will strive to continue building a remarkable gaming experience for everyone.

Thank you again for everything, and we look forward to showcasing some of these exciting changes.


As some of you may have noticed, Commlink has come back to UAC and is working on things again. This means three things:
  1. Commlink will be integrating the work he did on his test map to improve UAC. This means new models and a ton of backend work which shouldn't impact the current gameplay too much, but will improve performance.
  2. I am going to be doing a once-over of all of the Class Reworks and integrating whatever I can from his class updates.
  3. Additional aspects of Commlink's work (for example, destructable trees) will be evaluated for implementation by the community in a similar manner to the design work that I have done.
Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming threads, folks. We're gonna need community feedback, and lots of it.
I was originally going to let the Rework Dungeon run by the global rules and have things be nice and chill, but recent events have inspired me to write up some special guidelines specific to this section to prevent things from getting out of hand. Again.
This thread serves two purposes. First, it will be a directory for all of the specific class reworks that I'm going to be doing. Secondly, with reworks, removals, and additions, a shuffling of the roster becomes necessary. In time, once all of the changes are said and done, the MOS Roster will look like this:

All Ranks
Combat Medic
Automatic Rifleman
Javelin Gunner
Combat Engineer

Enlisted Exclusives
Cavalry Scout
Squad Designated Marksman

Warrant Officer Exclusives
Fire Support Specialist

Commissioned Officer Exclusives
Platoon Leader
Since I was recently added to the team as Lead Designer instead of just Level Designer, I'm going to be taking the opportunity to rub my filthy hands all over the classes. Each class rework will be getting its own thread, but I'm going to be working in a unified gimmick to all of the reworks that more or less boils down to this:

All skills will grant an additional upgrade at the Level 4 rank of that skill.

A lot of classes already have something like this, but not all of them do. I want to spread the love a little bit. Generic skills like Marksmanship will give rewards unique to the class in question, usually to the tune of an offensive bonus. Soldier Skills upgrades are probably going to get shuffled around.

Y'all will be seeing reworks from me in the not too distant future, so stay tuned.
Hello folks,

What is Undead Assault Chronicles? is it some zombie survival game that we like playing? No it's a zombie survival game that uses cooperation and teamwork to complete some object with the goal of winning the game. Often times we join public games and we get bombarded by these "pubmares" or "neomares", where it more ended more often than not in a waste of time because no one knew what they were doing.

Now it's come to our attention that the game is only as strong as it's community. Several community members, myself included, have been coordinating with each other to bring you these private games on a daily basis. Things like Skill Identifiers, Camos & Decals, and Achievement unlock runs will have someone at the wheel with experience to guide and coordinate you.

With that being said I, on behalf of the SyL Clan, present to you Daily Community Hosted Runs & Events. Since I am not directly responsible for hosting or coordinating the captains/co-captains for these runs. We have to abide by their rules that they have set place. Which by all means is perfectly acceptable for a smooth and timely mannered game.

A working schedule of all upcoming Runs & Events can be found here. If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself, @Regendare, or @Warrior the Runs & Event Coordinator.

*Please note, this by all means should not discourage you from hosting your own runs. These are just scheduled runs, where mostly everyone is welcome :)

Happy Hunting,
CRITICAL Forum Rules
Hello Folks,

My apologies for not having done this initially, so lets get it out of the way now. The following is the code of conduct for the forums.

We keep things pretty relaxed here, and most everything is judged on a "common sense" basis, that being said, these are the general rules that should be followed.

1. Free speech is appreciated, but any speech intentionally threatening others, showing a pattern of repeated harassment or pointless trolling, or in violation of actual law is not welcome. This applies for text, images, video, and all other forms of media.

And that's it. Short and simple. Moderators and admins are encouraged to use "common sense" when enforcing any of these rules as no list of regulations can encompass everything perfectly.

If you have an issue with someone else, or with actions taken against you by a moderator, you can always bring up your complaints to another admin/moderator but I expect you all to make good faith efforts to figure things out on your own. Adults try to solve issues by themselves before asking others to do it for them.

For the sake of clarity, the three people on this forum with final say in any issue involving the community are:

If you cannot resolve an issue by yourself or with a specific moderator, bring it up to one of these three and the issue will be addressed.

Thank you,
I recently completed the Terrain Overhaul, and it was requested by several players that I do a Before and After comparison so they would have a better reference of what was changed.

Balaad was transformed into a full-blown military fortress, making the area more thematically appropriate and opening up the location to allow new strategies. Its artillery cannons are used to support neighboring AOs, and it features a vehicle bay at the front of the fortress for deploying mechanized support.

Thalim became significantly less crowded, featuring a more realistic layout and proportion. Windsor was moved here to preside over the civilian population and keep an eye on the defenses maintained by the local Police Force. The stairwells on the various buildings are custom-built and allow the players to take to the rooftops with ease.

Kurin was absorbed into the new Thalim as a residential area, mostly featuring apartment complexes and additional defensive walls to help protect Thalim's eastern side. The cave that used to reside there was moved elsewhere, as it seemed a bit silly to have a cave that was known to have infested inside of it be in a cliffside that supported a residential area.

Gusilani (or "Fort Hick" as some have called it) might be the most drastic change, as it went from a mostly featureless hamlet to a miniature fortress built out of mobile homes and whatever materials the residents could scavenge or steal. It may also be the most technically impressive location of the overhaul, as the walls are almost entirely custom work that feature very few natural terrain cells.

The Mayor's Abode (Previously Windsor's Abode) was made into a major callback to UA3. Since Windsor was moved to Thalim, I decided to revert the Abode to its layout...
Hello everyone,

Welcome to the forums for Undead Assault Chronicles!

These community forums are for individuals that are interested in learning and sharing their experiences with Undead Assault Chronicles (UAC). The developers and moderators are active and will be posting regular game updates, look for opportunities for feedback and fix any bugs in the game. To join the conversation and contribute, just sign up and log in.

Special thanks to Taisen for hosting the original forums and to Malikav for setting up the new forums.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message any of the developers or moderators and we will be happy to help!

- Xempest