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I heard that some folks got together and tried out the MOS reworks and had some feedback to pass along to me personally. I have a suggestion for those folks:


There's an entire forum section dedicated to feedback on the reworks. There's even a directory with links to all of the reworks so you don't have to use the Search function to find the appropriate thread. Please use these tools to keep your feedback organized and preserve the sanity of the development team.
Hey everyone! The nightmare schedule has been up for about 15 weeks now, and I could use some help doing daily nightmare runs, plus other events such as Bossmodes, PMC story, Camo runs, ect

So if you wanna help me, just post on here saying you would like host Nightmare or bossmode, whatever you feel your able to captain, your approval will come by some of the current captains listed below.

You'll be put on the schedule at the times best suited to your schedule, let's face it this is a game, and it doesn't prioritize over our real life, so we want to have fun but also be coordinated.

Thanks, and I hope your all having fun with daily Nightmares
It is no secret that I am not a fan of Gun Jams. Unfortunately, some members of the community have stubbornly defended Gun Jams, stating that they were a vital part of UAC and their removal would fundamentally change how the game was played. Since I had better things to do than argue endlessly about it, I decided to have these claims challenged in the most direct way possible. During the January 27th development team meeting, I made a proposal:

Remove Gun Jams in secret and measure how long it took someone to realize that they were gone.

The rest of the team thought it was a good idea, and so it happened later that night. Finally, someone has noticed. It took someone over three weeks to recognize that Gun Jams were no longer present.

Gun Jams are not good, they are not fun, and they are definitely not "vital". There is no reason to bring them back, and someone taking nearly a month to notice they were missing in the first place is proof enough.
I have been working day-in and day-out on stuff for UAC since I got brought on to the team as Lead Designer (and technically a couple months before that point, too). While I've gotten an awful lot done and I'm real proud of that, I'm also burnt out and have severely neglected the other projects that I'm a part of. As such, I'm going to be taking an indeterminate amount of time off from UAC.

I'll still post a bit on the forums and I will be back in the future, but until the rest of the team catches up and implements the designs I've outlined, I'm going to focus on other things.
Hello everyone,

I want to thank all of you for the feedback and suggestions on the rework ideas that Kith had posted in December. From your feedback, Kith was able to further analyze the classes and make the recommended changes that were needed.

We will now be moving forward to the rework of the classes, which will also include the core changes for community testing.

Our Lead Developer, Regendare, will be able to embed the rework MOS's into our current game, without having an impact on the original game. This means, that we will have two variations of the core work and new class designs into the same map.

For example, if you choose a rework class, they will use the Rank/Stat Rework instead of the standard Rank Bonuses and Stat system. If you end up choosing a non-rework class, you will retain the current Rank Bonuses and Stat system. Having this set up enables you to test out the impact of both rework and non-work classes with more clarity, and will allow you to provide our development team with more accurate feedback when comparing the two.

As you might have read on the forums, we will no longer be having beta testers, as we feel that it would limit parts of the community from testing these classes. We will be making these changes available for everyone in the community to play.

As mentioned many times, we are all on the same team and part of this journey together, so please continue to provide the development team with your support and feedback. We will strive to continue building a remarkable gaming experience for everyone.

Thank you again for everything, and we look forward to showcasing some of these exciting changes.


As some of you may have noticed, Commlink has come back to UAC and is working on things again. This means three things:
  1. Commlink will be integrating the work he did on his test map to improve UAC. This means new models and a ton of backend work which shouldn't impact the current gameplay too much, but will improve performance.
  2. I am going to be doing a once-over of all of the Class Reworks and integrating whatever I can from his class updates.
  3. Additional aspects of Commlink's work (for example, destructable trees) will be evaluated for implementation by the community in a similar manner to the design work that I have done.
Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming threads, folks. We're gonna need community feedback, and lots of it.
During the course of the Gun Jams thread, several community members stated that that they would accept the removal of Gun Jams if there was something to "replace" them to hinder inattentive players. I personally don't feel that Gun Jams need anything as a "replacement" because they're a mere annoyance, but I'm also more than willing to punish players for being careless and see no problem with adding additional "realism" mechanics to do so.
I was originally going to let the Rework Dungeon run by the global rules and have things be nice and chill, but recent events have inspired me to write up some special guidelines specific to this section to prevent things from getting out of hand. Again.
This thread serves two purposes. First, it will be a directory for all of the specific class reworks that I'm going to be doing. Secondly, with reworks, removals, and additions, a shuffling of the roster becomes necessary. In time, once all of the changes are said and done, the MOS Roster will look like this:

All Ranks
Combat Medic
Automatic Rifleman
Javelin Gunner
Combat Engineer

Enlisted Exclusives
Cavalry Scout
Squad Designated Marksman

Warrant Officer Exclusives
Fire Support Specialist

Commissioned Officer Exclusives
Platoon Leader
With all of the reworks and overhauls condensing designs into each other and the Rosterocalypse cutting no less than four classes in their entirety, people have asked me what (if any) plans I had to give back to the players who worked hard to obtain the Nightmare SIs for the classes that are going to be removed. The answer is this:
  • Upon removal of their relevant classes, players who have earned the SIs Steel Barrels, Enhanced Scanners, Wave Amplifier, or Phantasm will be granted access to the Mea Culpa command.
  • Typing "Mea Culpa EN", "Mea Culpa WO", or "Mea Culpa CO" will grant 25,000 XP to Enlisted, Warrant Officer, or Commissioned Officer respectively.
  • Mea Culpa can only be used once per SI, leading to a total of four possible uses (and therefore a total of 100,000 XP).
While it's not a perfect system, this will at least give players the opportunity to progress in a rankset that now holds the remains of what used to be the class that they earned a reward for (or just give them the opportunity to get some extra ranks if they want to pad their experience instead).